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These video guides are for reference only and show what can be achieved with little effort. See our DIY page for some low cost alternatives to creating some really great injuries.

Introduction To Halloween Makeup
Get started on a great Halloween costume with these tips and techniques for applying Halloween makeup from our expert on this free video series.

How To Make Fake Blood
Use this easy recipe for homemade fake blood to add a scary prop for your Halloween costume on this free video clip.
How To Use Various Types Of Fake Blood for Halloween
Learn about the different types of fake blood from stage blood to fresh scab, and how to use each one to create scary effects this Halloween.
How To Make Fake Cuts and Gashes
Learn how to make and apply fake cuts and gashes for a scary Halloween costume special effect with these expert tips.
How To Make Fake Bruises
Learn how to make fake bruises using Halloween makeup in this easy lesson from our free video clip.
How To Make A Fake Wound
Create scary Halloween skin wounds and scars using tissue, latex and powder makeup with these expert special effect tips.
How To Use Latex In Halloween Makeup
Learn great tips for using and applying liquid latex to make fake scars and other scary effects for your next Halloween costume.
How To Make 3D Makeup Effects
Techniques for making 3D effects with your Halloween makeup using plastic putty, latex and gelatin for scary scars and gashes with this free video clip.
How To Use Sponges For Halloween Makeup
A variety of sponges can be used to apply Halloween makeup. Learn about the effects that can be created with different makeup sponges from this free video clip.

Take a look at these great DVD's for a much wider range of effects that you can create.

Introduction to Casualty Simulation & Special Effects Makeup
Basic Halloween Makeup